CBD & THC Warning Labels for Domestic & International Use

Autostat manufactures both stock and custom Cannabis Warning Labels for all domestic states, as well as Canada, who provide legalized use of Cannabis for both recreational use and medical use of cannabis by the public. This includes all cannabis products containing both components of cannabis, CBD and THC.

CBD” or “Cannabadiol”is non-psychoative natural ingredient found in both cannabis (marijuana) and “Hemp” (which is legal throughout the U.S.). CBD doesn’t get people “high” or provide the psychoactive reactions associated with inhaling marijuana. Many medical studies and physicians actively recommend CBD for treatment of chronic pain, neuropathy, epilepsy, and many other medical ailments. As CBD is primarily derived from hemp, not cannabis, it has become so popular in wellness products, such as pills, Hemp oils, creams, inhalants, and edibles.

THC or “Tetradrocannabidoil” is marijuana‘s primary psychoactive component. THC provides the relaxing “high” one experiences when cannabis is inhaled. It is smoked, vaped, or ingested from many edible cannabis products.

Accurate CBD and THC labeling is critical to this industry, and in order to comply with current U.S. state regulations, as well as future Federal requirements that include medical regulations for CBD, it is necessary to identify how much CBD and /or THC is present in each cannabis product, as well as to identify the particular strain.

Autostat makes customized labels in both rolls and sheets.
For all your Branded or Unbranded Custom Labels, kindly provide us your specifications by clicking on Contact Us…We will be happy to furnish you with a timely quotation.


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