CBD/THC Warning Labels for Domestic & International Use

CBD” or “cannabadiol” — a component found in both marijuana (cannabis) as well as hemp — doesn’t get people high or offer psychoactive reactions. CBD oil is touted for treating specific forms of childhood epilepsy, and many claim efficacy for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, acne, high blood pressure, and more. This accounts for the explosion of new CBD products on the market.

CBD derived from hemp, which is legal in the U.S., is not regulated by the FDA, so it doesn’t require all the permits and protocols. Either way, CBD or THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana that gives people a psychoactive “high,” should be appropriately labeled on your products. Consumers want to know how much of a certain ingredient is in a CBD or cannabis product, and you might certainly want to protect yourself from the ramifications of selling a still highly understudied substance that has yet to receive FDA approval and may or may not interact with other substances and medications, especially those made for children. Here are some of the tags and labels we’ve created to help your customers as they navigate this complicated product field.


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