Chalk Board Gift Tags

New “Chalk Board” Gift Tags are perfect for personalizing your Gift Giving with distinctive “Chalk Board” Printed Tags that accept most standard Chalk Board Marking Pens. Choose from three styles…With or without strings. (1)Small Solid Black Chalk Board String Tag; (2) Large Solid String Tag; (3) Large White Chalk Board Unstrung Tag with “To__ From___” which allows the end user to personalize their gift with any writing instrument. This style also can be hand strung with the end user’s choice of string or twine.

• All styles are packed 50 tags in Clear Zip-Lock Poly Bags with 1/4″ hole for hanging at Retail.
• Each pack has a four color printed AutoPak® Card Insert containing full product description, pack quantity, product specific Bar Code for scanning at Retail.
• All styles of Chalk Board Gift tags are also available in Bulk Pack of 500 tags per style.

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