Coupon / Garment Tags

Sometimes referred to as Garment Tags, Coupon Tags are printed in two sections with perforations between sections to allow the retailer to mark by hand all necessary information to record sale at retail from the “Coupon Duplicate Stub” below the perforation. Autostat’s Coupon Tags are color coded to denote sizing or for various sale events for many kinds of Apparel items displayed on hangers such as Women’s Garments, Children’s wear, Unisex Athletic wear, Swimwear, as well as on folded merchandise such as sweaters, tees, and various accessories.

Available in both Unstrung and Strung formats, Coupon Tags are popular with Boutique’ shops, Consignment stores and general Apparel Retailers.

Garment Tags are a one part tag without perforations that function similarly to Coupon Tags; except it has no duplicate section for the sale information. Available in both Unstrung and Strung formats, Garment Tags are primarily used in smaller Boutiques’, Consignment Shops, and Duty-Free stores.

Autostat also provides customized Coupon Tags and Garment Tags with the merchants name or logo in various quantities and colors, in unstrung and strung versions.

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