Kraft & Chalkboard Gift Tags

Kraft Gift Tags are printed “Kraft Color” on both sides of Tags, and are
available in five die sizes and styles with or without strings. Scalloped Top
Tags, and Jewelry Tags are strung with a luxurious Dark Brown String.
Corner cut styles are available unstrung only. Blank Gift Tags allow
Personalized Messages for Gifting. Uncoated heavy weight tags allow hand
marking with most commercial pens including Sharpie.

Often found in Gift Shops, Antique Store, Vintage Apparel and Jewelry
Stores, Craft Retailers, and by the end user, these Blank Kraft Gift tags are
very popular with all age groups.

• Packed 50 per Clear Zip-Lock Poly Bags with 1/4″ holes for hanging at Retail
and the AutoPak® Card Insert containing product description and bar
code for scanning at retail.
• Also available in Bulk Packs of 500/Box

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