Merchandise Tags

Merchandise tags are often confused with garment tags, coupon tags and jewelry tags. Merchandise tags are specifically designed with a “Scalloped Shape Top” which is similar to “Liberty Bell” in shape.

Merchandsise tags with strings are used in more volume than Unstrung. Its many retail uses include Gift Stores, Duty-Free Stores, Small Boutiques store, Antique Stores and Flea Markets, and Consignment Shops.

Merchandise tags with or without strings are available from Autostat in nine (9) sizes. All are available in White, and Autostat is unique in stocking both Strung and Unstrung Merchandise Tags in various Colors, including four (4) Fluorescent Colors and Red, Green, Yellow.

Merchandise string tags are most often used in Gift Shops, Airport stores, Antique shops, and smaller jewelry stores who may use the smaller sizes in lieu of more expensive jewelry tags.

Unstrung Merchandise tags can be easily affixed to hanging merchandise with all available styles of tagging guns and plastic fasteners. Autostat provides a variety of Standard and Fine Tagging Guns, as well various sizes of tag fasteners for this purpose. They appear more often in small apparel and jewelry stores and are used for hanging merchandise including apparel, gloves, caps, and costume jewelry.

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