X-TRA Long Food Container Seals

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X-TRA LONG Food Container Label Seals are available in three (3) styles

  1. GRAB N’ GO; Printed Red and Black
  2. GARDEN FRESH; Printed 347 Green + Pantone Orange
  3. DELI-FRESH; Printed Dk.  Brown+ Pantone Orange
  • SIZE: 1” x 13.75”
  • MATERIAL : 2.6 White Polypropylene with Permanent Acrylic Adhesive
  • PRNTS: 2 Colors Variable PMS (See Above)
  • DIE CUT: Butt cut @ 13.75” ; With 6 Tamper Proof Slits ( 3 at each end)
  • PUT UP: 250 Per Roll
  • PACKED: 500 ( 2 Rolls) per Shrink Wrap Pack

All  styles contain the “Sealed for Your Safety and Freshness” message below each Graphic

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Xtra -Long Food Container SealsTM   are designed to seal  securely many over-sized Clam Shell Containers ( 1-part Self-Closure style) or 2-Part Containers  that measure more than 6” and less than 9 ½”in  diameter (circles) or Square and Rectangular shapes .The double set of Tamper Proof Perforations at either end of label seals  prevent any attempt by third party handlers to invade the contents of the container. If anyone attempts to open the container with these seals in place at both ends, the label will self- destruct.

Printed in bright two color graphic designs on FDA approved white polypropelene with Permanent Acrylic adhesive, these label seals are perfect for both Specialty Food Retailers ( Delis, Bagel or Appetizing Stores) and are product specific to work In various departments of  Large Grocery Store Chains that sell general appetizing and Deli Take-Out, as well as in-store stock products   such as salads, and bakery items.

Like its smaller sister seal (FDLS-51) the Xtra-Long Seals are compatible with all commonly used clear plastic containers including PET, PLA, as well as Compostable Paper and Styro-Foam.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in