Hotel Door Hanger Tags

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  • SIZE: 3” X 7.5”
  • MATERIAL: 10 PT Synthetic Tag ( Polypropylene)
  • PRINTS: 1/1; PMS Burgundy side one; PMS Lt. Blue, side two
  • DIE CUT: 1 ½” Hole with Slit + 4 RCR Corners.
  • PACKING: Shrink Wrapped Packs of 100O or; Bulk packed 400 per Box. (Suitable for UPS)
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Printed two sided on white tear-proof reinforced polypropylene that is both moisture and chemical resistant, with standard messages “Please Do Not Disturb” in PMS Burgundy; and “Please Make Up The Room” in Lt. Blue. Both Messages appear in English, Spanish, and French. Door Knocker Tags are die cut with a 1.5” Cleared Hole and Knife Slit to allow easy placement on all industry standard door handles.

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