Food Packaging Security Seals


AUTOSTAT has designed and produced new Tamper Proof Label Seals for use with all commonly used disposable packaging materials for the Take-Out Food Industry.

Food Container Tamper Proof Seals

Our FDA approved White Polypropylene Label Seals with Permanent Adhesive, are designed with Tamper Proof Perforations to protect all types of food containers from invaders tampering with contents. If the label is removed by anyone prior to receipt by the purchaser, the label with break apart at the point of the seal. You are assured of bringing to your home a safely secured food order that is both secure and fresh.

Container seals are compatible to all food container packaging materials currently used by the retail food industry including Styrofoam; Clear PET Plastic; Clear PLA Plastic, and Compostable Paper Products. Seals are put up 500 per roll, and packaging 2 Rolls (1M) per shrink wrap pack for both cleanliness and secure packing.

Bag Closure Tamper Proof Seals

Tamper Proof Bag Closure Labels are made from FDA approved white polypropylene with permanent adhesive.
Adheres to Kraft and all Paper Bags utilized for Retail Food Take-0ut, Supermarkets, and Pharmacies.
Tamper Proof perforations will break apart when the label seal is removed, preventing any Take-Out Food preparer or third part delivery personnel from invading the contents of the bag. Printed on both sides of the bag in brilliant

Magenta Ink…. “Tamper Proof Sealed for Your Safety” in read-write position.
Bag seals are packaged 500 per roll, and Shrink Wrapped 1M (2 Rolls) per pack
For both cleanliness and secure packing for shipment

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